Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet me halfway

February 14, 2008 (Chick-flick day)

  1. I am being offered something that I don't want. I will refuse (albeit hesitantly). The outcome will be positive (there is light ahead of me. It is good but far. I am looking at this 'light' and doing anything and everything in order to attain it)
  2. Meeting: Along with one other person, I will meet someone important but also very nice, will give me a lot of ideas, which require hard work. This person has a great POV.
  3. I will meet a guy who is very interested in me--WARNING: he only wants to play around, not sincerily interested. My mistake? I am going to tell someone else about this which is going to make them upset. One good thing will come out of telling. (nice and vague, thanks Mom)
  4. Lately, there is a person (namely, guy) in my life- contact with this guy has decreased his contact with me, but despite this, he is still "there" and listening to me. I want him to know certain things and listen to certain points and ultimately he will be convinced.
  5. There is someone who is supporting me and 'carrying' me in many aspects of my life.
  6. I have been busy a lot lately; not in the mood to party anymore; missing someone.