Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great Expectations

Sometimes it's hard to be objective. But sometimes it is the only way to be enlightened.
1.       “If you don't have an opinion, don't choose an opinion.” - J.A.
2.      The most accurate displays of a woman's "expectations" emerge once a year on February 14th. 
3.      Sometimes, it really all is in your head. Don't make the mistake of accepting it as reality.
4.      If the response is of no added value, don't ask the question.
5.      Waiting for the other shoe to drop can make one begin to go a little crazy.
6.      Being referred to as someone’s “creative consultant” is always a wonderful compliment.
7.       Be very aware of when something is none of your business. Don't interfere, and don't take it personally.
8.      A happy meal for lunch increases one's happiness quotient. Discovering a shortcut shortly after is the cherry on top.
9.      Some things, once said, can never be unsaid. Be careful with your words in the heat of the moment.
10.  Don't expect people to change simply because you have demanded it of them.
12.  Take a step back. It's much easier to see the big picture that way.