Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picking at scabs

Interesting week....a series of less than serious events with more than serious consequences.

1. There is a time and place for sociability.

2. The less you care about your job, the easier it is to do.

3. Afternoon meetings make for shorter and more pleasant days.

4. Soup is an adequate replacement for any meal.

5. Serial killers are not necessarily bad people. Seemingly good people cannot be ruled out as serial killers.

6. If you sleep badly you will wake up badly.

7. A black coffee breakfast is ominously indicative of the events of the coming day.

8. Casual invitations, upon acceptance, may prove to be far from casual.

9. Picking at a scab of any sort will only aggravate the situation.

10. When faced with the prospect of a harrowing call, sometimes it is simply easier not to pick up.

11. There are no decreasing returns associated with watching a certain vampire movie a second time.

12. Picking up one's life and moving to Paris to drink a lot of cafe lattes, eat a lot of croissants and read a lot of books is not the least bit irrational.

13. It's a terrible thing to be determined.