Thursday, November 6, 2008

Relevantly encyclopedic

Clouds in the sky.. they must have taken a wrong turn. Hopefully, like me, they will learn the right way for next time.

1. 'Puzzle' is not a game. You cannot be winning or losing. You cannot be in 1st, 4th or 17th place.

2. Odd days are best shared by those on the same frequency.

3. Being referred to as "encyclopedic" is, apparently, a compliment.

4. Even when stuck in a tree, not all kittens need to be rescued. Some learn how to get down on their own.

5. The most attractive ____________ is the one that doesn't ask for your friendship. (Please insert as appropriate.)

6. A musical education teaches you about more than just music.

7. Sometimes, we find ourselves having been friends with someone for so long, that they acquire the status of "friend by default".

8. Split ends cannot be repaired, they can only be cut off.

9. The Dubai Air Show is a great place to snare excessively rich, private-jet shopping, hopefully eligible bachelors.

10. It's tough to plan a surprise birthday party if you cannot confirm the attendance of the main party.

11. "Ignoring something is walking right through it even when it is standing in your way."

12. It's a small world. Whether this is positive or negative is yet to be seen, pending a lifetime of review.

13. When choosing a diamond, pick clarity over carat, but cut over colour.

14. In order to maximize the revenue on one's learnings, one must always always remember relevant learnings in times of relevance.


  1. commenting on 11: like a wall?

    a couple of things i learned yesterday:

    1. Asking for help should not be viewed as a weakness. The most successful people always had a helping hand.

    2. Trust your instincts, when you feel like you need to get out, get out.

    3. Staying up till 4am can make you feel like you don't have a care in the world, but exhaustion is possible.