Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let there be light

Like a light bulb, many of life's certainties simply are, omnipresent yet ignored, until spontaneously they combust, and then simply cease to be... 

1. If you wake up thinking, "Life is good", then you make it so. Instead, if "FML" is your first thought, then you probably will.

2. Sleeping in is a total indulgence on a weekday, and a complete waste on a weekend.

3. Being angry at yourself makes it hard not to be angry at almost everything around you.

4. If you feel you are unable to give someone the benefit of the doubt, do it anyway. The opportunity cost will be worth it no matter what the outcome is.

5. Having a car is a luxury which one who has always had a car cannot fathom. Much like having a first-world passport.

6. When you are not craving anything in particular for dinner, Shake Shack will do.

7. Resilience is an attribute which you will not ever know you have until it is time to test it. 

8. When a light bulb (literally) lights up over your head, and then (literally) explodes, first take a moment to appreciate the apt and timely symbolism, then proceed to wonder about electrical circuits.

9. People's true colours are rarely what they seem, and often a completely different shade. Sometimes the dust must settle to see them clearly, at other times they will suddenly and abruptly appear.