Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eternal Sunshine

An eclectic mix today... Musically influenced, surreally fathomed:

1. "The only reason you buy a bag from Mango is because Marc is inaccessible and you simply cannot afford it. Even though you would rather have a Marc, and you know the Mango will inevitable fall apart, you just have no choice."

2. Evenings spent with certain friends are always random. Yet very very enjoyable.

3. Grocery shopping alone is no fun at all.

4. Chats with mother are a great source of entertainment. And occasionally, love. But mainly entertainment.

5. When a friend confides in you, the only option you have is to support them.

6. 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and the question it poses will will never have a "right answer".

7. One should learn the delicate art of saying "no".

8. "When Rod Stewart was cool he used to be in a band called The Faces, who because of Ronnie the bassist had strong links to The Rolling Stones - he went on to join the later, shitter version of the Stones."

9. A sign is a good enough reason to do or not do something. Great enough reason.

10. To the large majority of girls out there, "Halloween costume" is synonymous with "slutty outfit". If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

11. Fake meetings are the lottery tickets of a horrendous week.

12. Dave Matthews knows exactly how I feel.

13. Allowing someone to take care of you is not a sign of weakness.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the shelf

The quotes were straight from the horses' mouths...

1. "It takes a certain kind of foot to fill the void left in a pair of Manolos".

2. Sometimes a cigarette is better than dessert. But ideally one should have both.

3. The key to making a man happy is to make him think he made the decision.

4. An unfinished book, no matter how once-engaging, must be closed, shelved or finished before a new one can be opened...

5. Conversations about music are far more revealing than one first believes.

6. "He just gets better with age, he's like a fine wine!"

7. When presented with seemingly important and supposedly life-changing information, stop and ask yourself "So what?"

8. Few women answer the age-old question of 'What do you look for in a man?' honestly.

9. Reading a friend's account of their achievements and hopes and dreams is inspiring.

10. There's a difference between fashion and style.

11. Radiohead are terribly depressing yet terribly calming. It's a wonderfully strange effect.

12. Even though we may deep-down believe something to be true, it is always reassuring to hear it from an objective source.

13. Sugar-free red bull and a Marlboro light do not comprise "lunch".

14. Sometimes lending a sweater to a friend makes you feel warmer than if you were wearing it yourself.

15. Devising a super-duper-cool halloween costume is terribly taxing and an unnecessary source of stress.

16. Outsourcing a puzzle is the best way to get it done.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The power play

This one might be a little more extensive than usual...

1. Getting screwed over twice in the same day, by the same person, is not much fun. Especially if the person in question is not much fun.

2. A great first date does not guarantee a "happily ever after".

3. Never underestimate the strength of a bond between comrades.

4. A series of unfortunate events often prevents two people from forming an otherwise great bond. We cannot control or change this. There will always be an elephant in the room.

5. When someone takes something from you, don't expect it to be handed back to you. Go after it. But only if it's worth getting back.

6. A skim milk vanilla latte with a lovely flaky croissant is the best way to start one's day. No matter how horrible the events which follow are. Holly Golightly had it right.

7. If you feel guilty about something, it doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong.

8. Apologies are seldom sincere. They are more often the antidote to terrible terrible guilt. People sleep better once they have "apologized".

9. Soap is very very hard to sell.

10. Well-written emails are hard to come by. As is an adequate vocabulary.

11. Unexpected compliments from unexpected people are unexpectedly pleasant.

12. A caramel-filled chocolate bar is a temporary fix. A bigger bar may be more effective. The jury is still out.

13. Starting your day incongruously with a ride from a friendly soul must have a hidden meeting and contain a cryptic message. To be uncovered...

14. Always make the power play. Even if the outcome is the same, you land on the opposite end of the mojo spectrum.

Monday, October 27, 2008

25% success rate

Yesterday's learnings... with a few from this morning.

1. To cut straight to the chase, "if he doesn't propose as soon as he meets you, he's just not that into you" (!) (a more comprehensive list to follow)

2. If you don't say "no", they will assume you meant "yes".

3. Impromptu DVD nights are the best kind.

4. Impromptu chats (initiated by heart-stopping scares) with one's roommate at odd hours feels strangely normal, especially if one is discussing the mundane.

5. PQ make excellent brownies.

6. One must ask for 4 wake-up calls in order to secure one. 25% success rate. Not awful.

7. Soap is not that easy to sell.

8. When the market in which you operate does so in the manner of a third world one, third world ideas are inevitable, if not expected.

9. Cigarettes before noon are an ominous indication of things to come.

10. The correct amount of coffee grounds needed to make an excellent cup of turkish coffee is not the amount I thought it would be. More experimentation required to learn said correct amount.

11. The easiest way to make someone's day is through carefully planted, supposedly unintentional flattery.

12. Bob Dylan improves one's day considerably... as does a concomitantly coincidental phone call.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Over the weekend, this is what I learned... (I am sure I could have learned more, but my thinking and judgment were somewhat impaired)

1. V short black dresses are a great investment.

2. An undisclosed, overpriced number of shots usually do the job. A little too well.

3. "Going with the flow" and "Acting on every impulse" are two very different things and must not be confused.

4. Outsourcing a puzzle may or may not be the best way to get it done. (Point of contention to be settled this week.)

5. Children between the ages of 7 and 15 are vile creatures.

6. Getting to work at noon is ideal. Hence, my goal is to find a high paying, low stress, dress-code flexible PART-TIME job.

7. One should not drive a real car in the same manner that one drives a go-kart. Otherwise, one should just invest in a go-kart. Especially if one lives in Barsha.

8. The name of the game is the "ten-year plan"... (Again, thank you, you know who you are)