Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the shelf

The quotes were straight from the horses' mouths...

1. "It takes a certain kind of foot to fill the void left in a pair of Manolos".

2. Sometimes a cigarette is better than dessert. But ideally one should have both.

3. The key to making a man happy is to make him think he made the decision.

4. An unfinished book, no matter how once-engaging, must be closed, shelved or finished before a new one can be opened...

5. Conversations about music are far more revealing than one first believes.

6. "He just gets better with age, he's like a fine wine!"

7. When presented with seemingly important and supposedly life-changing information, stop and ask yourself "So what?"

8. Few women answer the age-old question of 'What do you look for in a man?' honestly.

9. Reading a friend's account of their achievements and hopes and dreams is inspiring.

10. There's a difference between fashion and style.

11. Radiohead are terribly depressing yet terribly calming. It's a wonderfully strange effect.

12. Even though we may deep-down believe something to be true, it is always reassuring to hear it from an objective source.

13. Sugar-free red bull and a Marlboro light do not comprise "lunch".

14. Sometimes lending a sweater to a friend makes you feel warmer than if you were wearing it yourself.

15. Devising a super-duper-cool halloween costume is terribly taxing and an unnecessary source of stress.

16. Outsourcing a puzzle is the best way to get it done.


  1. Learnings from the other side of the glass:

    1. A sincere compliement, regardless of motive, will always cause a woman to smile and forget the world for a moment

    2. No matter how well you think you know a place, you can always be struck by the little surprises it reveals (with the right guidance)

    3. The next time you are discussing something with someone, listen well, you may find out you are talking about exactly the same thing, only using different words and terms

    4. Shopping is indeed a very liberating experience, especially when it puts essentials in the kitchen

    5. Pointing out constellations in the night sky will almost always be met with a sense of skepticism and disdain at your pretended omnipotence

    6. Sometimes the most unexpected word can become forever associated with certain subjects. Case in point: Lallallallallallalla

  2. 1. Compliment, not compliement
    3. I still disagree that was the same thing!
    6. Nice one ;)

  3. Cryptic cryptic people... just the way I like it :)