Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to be happy(er)

1. Spend a few minutes every morning stretching.
2. Sleep with the curtains open, and let the sun’s energy help wake you up.
3. Accept that change is inevitable. When it hits you, dwell on it for a few moments, and then move on.
4. Pseudo-science: Get yourself a healing crystal. The science may be bogus, but the placebo effect may do you wonders. Really, you’ve got nothing to lose.
5. Actual-science: Hug or be hugged four times a day – research has shown that this will help you look younger and live longer.
6. You can’t make everyone happy, so if you have to pick one person to make happy, choose yourself.
7. Micromanage problems, not people.
8. When you smile, your brain assumes you’re happy. Smile often enough, and pretty soon, you will find that you are.  
9. “You are a free person.  Exercise your freedom.” – P.C.

(Inspired by @otrainbowjordan and @tfaris)