Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smoke and mirrors

It is refreshingly mind-boggling how much a person can truly learn about themselves in just 3 days.

1. When making a movie, it is safe to assume that you will always be at least an hour behind schedule. At least.

2. All actors are demanding in their own way, even extras.

3. When making believe, it is necessary to believe in what you're making.

4. Strangers' sacrificial support will always surprise and amaze you when you least expect it.

5. Sometimes a "thank you" is enough. Sometimes you need the lure of booze to get your point across.

6. Being an extra is far less boring in the presence of blackberry messenger.

7. Wearing a wig is a low-cost, commitment-free way to dye one's hair. Or be someone else for a while.

8. It can be problematically difficult to get into character, and even more problematically so to get out of character.

9. When on a movie-set, expect to be constantly hungry. Otherwise, who will eat all the chocolates?

10. It is an unexpected lovely surprise to find yourself re-reading a favourite book when you least expect it, especially when in an unexpected state of mind (and hair).

11. Cake is the perfect way to end a 3 day shoot. The more the better.