Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Missing Piece

Sometimes it takes a while for the smoke to clear and the dust to settle...

1. If you miss someone, go visit them.

2. Punctuality is not that important when identifying qualities in a great friend -- there exist more important things.

3. It is far too easy to be judgmental. Don't... Nobody knows what takes place between two people behind closed doors. 

4. Having falafel for breakfast, lunch and dinner is never (ever) a good idea.

5. When someone who truly has your best interests at heart questions your actions, stop to wonder why.

6. Even though a ticking time bomb will eventually blow up, it is best to live in the moment and ignore the "eventually" for now.

8. Being sick can be incredibly boring once the staying-home-from-work novelty has worn off.

9. Forgiving someone is the easiest way to feel lighter and happier.

10. It's always nice to feel included.

11. Everyone has their irrational passions -- leave them be.

12. Your most kindred spirit will often make themselves apparent to you when you least expect, but when you are most in need.

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