Sunday, June 12, 2011

False alarms

1. The most alarming and universal human quality is people's ability to surprise you, be it for the better or the worse.

2. Dreaming that you are getting married is alarming if you are not, and even more alarming if you have a chat with your mother who is gravely disappointed to learn that it was all a dream.

3. Choosing on occasion to be extravagantly happy for a fleeting moment despite the highest forms of common sense pointing in the opposite direction is alarmingly risky yet worryingly common.

4. Losing weight when you have no intention of doing so is alarming. Not losing weight when you have every intention of doing so is even more so.

5. Finding your comfort zone is an alarming state of being; avoid it at all costs.

6. Like listening to your favorite song on a loop, over-using a word over a short period of time renders it alarmingly meaningless.

7. It is alarming to discover that the effect of additional tequila shots is not linear at all, but actually very exponential.

8. Staying in is the superior choice to going out when the company is exceptional. (This is, unsurprisingly, not alarming.)

What are you listening to?

New York