Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today's learnings (tomorrow's will surely be more cryptic but nevertheless more exciting)...

1. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. It's the most terrifying. Especially in the presence of bad company, or having to write a press release about it for a not-so-bad company.

2. Time differences suck. Maybe a flat earth would have served me better.

3. My colleagues are terrible pranksters with no scruples. I must adopt their ways.

4. If you thought it would be a lovely idea to have lunch outside in the lovely weather, so did a lot of other people.

5. Sugarfree Redbull must have some horrendous side effects because its effects are truly magical. You could say I feel like I could fly, like I have wings so to speak.

6. There is nothing quite like an A/C war to spice up office life.

7. If you have nothing to say to someone, then don't pick up the phone to call them. It's perplexingly awkward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

8 snoozes

Today's "things I've learned":

1. You can never be too thorough. Seriously.

2. It's easier to wake up after one snooze than it is to wake up after 8 snoozes. Yes it's possible to snooze 8 times.

3. Wearing some sort of make-up leads to more people smiling at you. Which leads me to believe that I may look horrendous sans...

4. It's hard to say no to a tall, handsome "colleague" with lovely eyes. And a ravishing smile.

5. "Sometimes you have to make your choice... and know and bear the consequences when they happen" (Thank you, you know who you are)

6. The Blackberry vs. iPhone debate gets people's knickers in a twist. As does the Obama vs. McCain debate.

7. Having lunch outside is lovely. You get to smoke and keep your sunglasses on and check out handsome strangers discreetly.

8. When your phone rings it's either:
a) never who you want it to be OR
b) the last person you expect.
Both are terribly unnerving and irksome.

9. A really great book is one that you can't stop thinking about even as you do the terribly exciting or the terribly mundane...

10. The "nicest" colleagues can say the most inappropriate things sometimes. It's shocking really.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I've learned

In an effort to not have "wasted" days and keep track of my life education, I've decided to kep a daily log of "things I've learned", inspired by my favourite page in Esquire and a recent e-mail thread between some of my favourite people here...

So here are today's "Things I've Learned":

1. Watching a movie over and over is not time wasted; you notice new things each time and depending on when you watch it, it carries a different meaning. Unless you are watching Zoolander for the hundredth time and you are not a male model with limited brain capacity.

2. Sleeping early does not ensure that you wake up early. And each time you hit snooze, it gets easier to hit snooze.

3. You should not crave a tall non-fat vanilla latte on the day that you choose to wear a Starbucks-branded "I loved being a tourist in New York t-shirt" for the first time. Especially if you actually go to Starbucks. And going to an alternative coffee-place, although perhaps less geeky, is more potentially poisonous.

4. Phones are funny devices and will often screw you over when you need them to function the most.

5. ATM machines have a secret soul and mischievous sense of humour. Enough said.

6. Cab drivers in Dubai never have change. OR a solution when you tell them that you have no change.

7. No dream is often more satisfying than a sweet dream. Especially upon waking up and realising that it's Tuesday, 9:34am and morning. Not Saturday, 3:28pm and not morning.

8. Lunch is the most over-rated meal of the day. Unless you're at the Atlantis and can take a long nap with fishies staring at you from an aquarium right after.

9. Mental health is the most important health of all.

10. It's all about timing...