Wednesday, October 22, 2008

8 snoozes

Today's "things I've learned":

1. You can never be too thorough. Seriously.

2. It's easier to wake up after one snooze than it is to wake up after 8 snoozes. Yes it's possible to snooze 8 times.

3. Wearing some sort of make-up leads to more people smiling at you. Which leads me to believe that I may look horrendous sans...

4. It's hard to say no to a tall, handsome "colleague" with lovely eyes. And a ravishing smile.

5. "Sometimes you have to make your choice... and know and bear the consequences when they happen" (Thank you, you know who you are)

6. The Blackberry vs. iPhone debate gets people's knickers in a twist. As does the Obama vs. McCain debate.

7. Having lunch outside is lovely. You get to smoke and keep your sunglasses on and check out handsome strangers discreetly.

8. When your phone rings it's either:
a) never who you want it to be OR
b) the last person you expect.
Both are terribly unnerving and irksome.

9. A really great book is one that you can't stop thinking about even as you do the terribly exciting or the terribly mundane...

10. The "nicest" colleagues can say the most inappropriate things sometimes. It's shocking really.

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