Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The last piece of cake...

...At least for this year.

Given my love of milestones, it was only fitting to share with you the highlights of the "decade". And of course, by decade, I mean "year".

This is a blend of old and new, funny and depressing, epiphanic and recurring. Feel free to add your own. I suspect you've all got a few up your sleeves.

Things I've learned in 2009:

1. When at the threshold of an emotional breakdown, always ask yourself the question: "So what?"

2. Labels are important. (Not the kind on your jeans.)

3. Everyone lives with disordered eating; this doesn't commonly equate to an eating disorder.

4. Two flights to the same place within one week may or may not be worth it.

5. An almost Christmas party is more exciting when faced with an impromptu power outage.

6. Cake (in all its forms) is the ultimate form of comfort food.

7. It's not a secret if more than one person knows.

8. It is best to write Santa a list.

9. Actions speak louder than words. But even these can be misinterpreted: proceed cautiously.

10. A new job will not necessarily make you happier than an old one.

11. Driving licenses are overrated.

12. No punishment is worse than the silent treatment.

13. Honesty is definitely unmistakably decidedly unwaveringly the best policy.

14. There's nothing sexier than a vampire. Except maybe a serial killer.

15. Time flies, whether you are having any fun or not.