Thursday, December 4, 2008

Controversially grand

"Justifying reasons why is an absolutely insane resolution to live by..."

1. "When it comes to food, you should always only ever be tasting."

2. It is always better to regret something that you did rather than something you didn't do.

3. Detachment, of any sort, is much easier than one is led to believe.

4. There are people in your life who will eternally teach you things without realising they are doing so.

5. Not all calls need to be answered.

6. When you lay your cards on the table, you are inherently stating your openness to alter them.

7. There's nothing quite like a grand gesture.

8. At times, the game is more important than the end result.

9. It is sometimes necessary to go the distance just to make a statement.

10. When in doubt, let the weather decide for you.

11. Controversial events from the past make confirming their dates all the more controversial.

12. Control is something we like to believe we always have. The actuality is alarmingly the opposite.

13. The semblance of independence is a deceiving mask for the deep reality of dependence.

14. Some learnings, one learns, are too valuable to share selflessly.

Great musician, wonderful learning.
(Courtesy of someone who, I know, like me, believes in the importance of learning...)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tripping backwards

The clouds are back...looking more out of place than ever.

1. A day off will totally throw you off.

2. When being close enough is not an option, one must contend with being close enough.

3. "Short hair is better than anything Victoria's Secret can ever come up with."

4. If you're not moving forward, you are only moving backwards.

5. A rebound is not a solution; it's a distraction.

6. The same trip in a different car makes for an altogether different trip.

7. "The fish is more important than the phonecall."

8. When weighed down by too much emotional baggage, one must do all one can to simply lose it. You might miss your stuff, but the airline will reimburse you somewhat and you will feel much lighter afterwards.

9. When you miss 'your person', you miss 'your person'. The only solution is the regaining of said person back in your world.

10. The most interesting of 3-ways occur unexpectedly across different time zones and during the witching hour for some. And at the expense of certain investment and financial advisory firms.

11. Implementation of the suffix "-ish" is a completely acceptable form of communication enhancement when one is attempting to remain 'easy breezy'.

12. An early evening nap on a comfortable couch and fluffy pillow can only lead to a late night drink and complex card game.

13. "When you escape the tiger you don't hang around to give him a long last look goodbye. That's when he'll eat you alive."

14. A good friend is one who will let you hear the same sappy song several several several times in a row.

(Yes, a little obsessed. But how can you say no to a little John Mayer as the icing on top?)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Morbidly mysterious

"I'm just a little bit caught in the middle..."

1. Not everyone has a happy place. Some of us only have a dark and twisty place.

2. A poor pretend husband with a discount is better than a rich pretend one without.

3. Beach plans cannot exist independently of the weather.

4. Under-rating oneself is a sneaky way of causing oneself to be over-valued.

5. Sometimes not talking about something is the only way to solve it.

6. "It is not a bad thing to admit one's true intentions."

7. Strange evenings can only lead to strange dreams and can only be succeeded by strange mornings extending into strange days.

8. "Always seems to me, you only see what people want you to see."

9. Eleventh hour learnings often require 11th hour postings. And often quite literally so.

10. Depending on one's internal currency, honesty can be worth a plethora of values.

11. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory.

12. Indirect communication and direct miscommunication are two very two-way streets.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Internal confusion of the spotless mind

Ice-cream for breakfast... with a side of pancakes and a coffee with a kiss?

1. "I am at the mercy of gravity."

2. When received in exchange for cars and diamonds, smiles and hugs become very much overrated.

3. Not all beings understand the concept of sarcasm.

4. 'Crazy' is only a matter of perspective.

5. "Listen, you can't have everything." (Very similar to a certain cake-themed learning...)

6. In the absence of physical proof, airtight and ironclad explanations are required to validate denial.

7. Eating is not a necessity, it is an activity that one partakes in given the company of good friends...

8. ...and drinking on an empty stomach is indeed a very efficient path to inebriation!

9. Solace can be found in the most unexpected of best friends, good friends or acquaintances.

10. Emotional detachment and unemotional attachment sit on opposite ends of a convoluted spectrum.

11. It is entirely and understandably possible to dislike something, someplace or someone simply based on their role in relation to you. Theory of relativity.

12. There is nothing more frustrating than sheer incompetence.

13. One can be bitchy without in actual fact being a bitch.

14. "Boyfriends are a bit of a hassle."

15. Murphy was right. What ever can go wrong, will go wrong. Very very wrong.

16. Generic pet names can often achieve the opposite of their intended result. Cryptically personal is far more appealing.

17. Sharing one's learnings while with-holding information can only lead to a terribly cryptic form of distressing internal confusion.