Sunday, November 30, 2008

Internal confusion of the spotless mind

Ice-cream for breakfast... with a side of pancakes and a coffee with a kiss?

1. "I am at the mercy of gravity."

2. When received in exchange for cars and diamonds, smiles and hugs become very much overrated.

3. Not all beings understand the concept of sarcasm.

4. 'Crazy' is only a matter of perspective.

5. "Listen, you can't have everything." (Very similar to a certain cake-themed learning...)

6. In the absence of physical proof, airtight and ironclad explanations are required to validate denial.

7. Eating is not a necessity, it is an activity that one partakes in given the company of good friends...

8. ...and drinking on an empty stomach is indeed a very efficient path to inebriation!

9. Solace can be found in the most unexpected of best friends, good friends or acquaintances.

10. Emotional detachment and unemotional attachment sit on opposite ends of a convoluted spectrum.

11. It is entirely and understandably possible to dislike something, someplace or someone simply based on their role in relation to you. Theory of relativity.

12. There is nothing more frustrating than sheer incompetence.

13. One can be bitchy without in actual fact being a bitch.

14. "Boyfriends are a bit of a hassle."

15. Murphy was right. What ever can go wrong, will go wrong. Very very wrong.

16. Generic pet names can often achieve the opposite of their intended result. Cryptically personal is far more appealing.

17. Sharing one's learnings while with-holding information can only lead to a terribly cryptic form of distressing internal confusion.

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  1. 18. When someone re-looks at certain events after they happen from an outsider point of view, one reconsiders many things resulting from such events that one might've not noticed during these events.