Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tripping backwards

The clouds are back...looking more out of place than ever.

1. A day off will totally throw you off.

2. When being close enough is not an option, one must contend with being close enough.

3. "Short hair is better than anything Victoria's Secret can ever come up with."

4. If you're not moving forward, you are only moving backwards.

5. A rebound is not a solution; it's a distraction.

6. The same trip in a different car makes for an altogether different trip.

7. "The fish is more important than the phonecall."

8. When weighed down by too much emotional baggage, one must do all one can to simply lose it. You might miss your stuff, but the airline will reimburse you somewhat and you will feel much lighter afterwards.

9. When you miss 'your person', you miss 'your person'. The only solution is the regaining of said person back in your world.

10. The most interesting of 3-ways occur unexpectedly across different time zones and during the witching hour for some. And at the expense of certain investment and financial advisory firms.

11. Implementation of the suffix "-ish" is a completely acceptable form of communication enhancement when one is attempting to remain 'easy breezy'.

12. An early evening nap on a comfortable couch and fluffy pillow can only lead to a late night drink and complex card game.

13. "When you escape the tiger you don't hang around to give him a long last look goodbye. That's when he'll eat you alive."

14. A good friend is one who will let you hear the same sappy song several several several times in a row.

(Yes, a little obsessed. But how can you say no to a little John Mayer as the icing on top?)


  1. Cutting to the chase means a whole different thing when you buy chase underwear. (learning or potential product advertisement?)

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