Thursday, December 4, 2008

Controversially grand

"Justifying reasons why is an absolutely insane resolution to live by..."

1. "When it comes to food, you should always only ever be tasting."

2. It is always better to regret something that you did rather than something you didn't do.

3. Detachment, of any sort, is much easier than one is led to believe.

4. There are people in your life who will eternally teach you things without realising they are doing so.

5. Not all calls need to be answered.

6. When you lay your cards on the table, you are inherently stating your openness to alter them.

7. There's nothing quite like a grand gesture.

8. At times, the game is more important than the end result.

9. It is sometimes necessary to go the distance just to make a statement.

10. When in doubt, let the weather decide for you.

11. Controversial events from the past make confirming their dates all the more controversial.

12. Control is something we like to believe we always have. The actuality is alarmingly the opposite.

13. The semblance of independence is a deceiving mask for the deep reality of dependence.

14. Some learnings, one learns, are too valuable to share selflessly.

Great musician, wonderful learning.
(Courtesy of someone who, I know, like me, believes in the importance of learning...)


  1. Learning number 2 as quoted by Charles Manson