Monday, January 5, 2009

A fixedly temporary fix...

Long overdue but yes, still around to haunt your afternoons...

1. "Having a sister is better than having a wallet."

2. All books have imperfections.

3. One-day resolutions have been found to be most effective.

4. Reaction is more telling than action, but sometimes inaction even more so.

5. There are some voids that only certain individuals can fill; the rest is just spackle.

6. 'Re-friending' may not always be a valid option.

7. People often act in ways, believing all so confidently that they are hiding their true colours, but unwittingly brandishing them oh so evidently.

8. Without a SIM card, a blackberry is just a game boy. But an excellent one at that.

9. (Very much a reiterated learning but omnipresently, and somewhat ominously, relevant...) At the end of the day, always ask yourself "So what?"

10. Sometimes advance notice is not advanced enough.

11. There will always be a gentleman who is more than willing to light a lady's cigarette.

12. Some people are simply bad cooks, but you will find that they probably have other good qualities.

13. New Year's Eve makes people unnaturally nostalgic and unhealthily optimistic.

14. Water is the solution to most problems. Alcohol, far less so.

15. "Some people get laid a lot but that doesn't mean they're happy."

16. Disclosed and unrequited emotions cause an undisclosed and requited amount of discomfort.

17. In the absence of a lovely call, a terrible terrible nightmare is a very effective, albeit uncool, method of waking up early in the morning.

18. Unsolicited advice is usually but unsurprisingly unappreciated.

19. "If you wait around long enough, the universe will practically hand stuff to you."