Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Other Shoe

1. It doesn't cost anything to be nicer to people. The return on investment is infinite.

2. If you do not enter a radio competition, it is almost impossible to win.

3. If you plan to eat potentially stomach-upsetting food, ensure you are within close proximity of your bathroom. 

4. Just because a little dog you have not previously met follows you into a building and looks at you inquisitively, does not necessarily mean he is lost.

5. If the person sitting in the driver seat casually mentions he is low on gas, expect to be the subject of a practical joke not long after.

6. Waiting anxiously for the other shoe to drop may cause it to do just that. If it is inevitable, stop "waiting".

7. Discovering you can listen to your favourite radio station at work is like finding out you're allowed to bring a cellphone to class in college.

8. Ignore the cynics that posit there are no truly altruistic acts and do them anyway.