Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oceanic depths

It has been a while... but then again, isn't the passage of time simply a matter of relativity?

1. Friday nights can unexpectedly be the source of far too much food and far too much laughter.

2. Communication is elevated to an altogether different level when in the presence of a blueberry.

3. Breakfast is elevated to an altogether different level when in presence of blueberries.

4. The acquisition of said blueberry significantly deteriorates one's "letter writing skills".

5. Lovely weather is only ever fully appreciated by those living in areas of extreme weather.

6. A strategic change of desk may prove to serve far more many purposes than originally intended.

7. Visiting South America makes one feel terribly partial to speaking Spanish. And salsa dancing.

8. "Sometimes the details in the fabric are the things that make you panic...Are your thoughts the result of static cling? If you're shocked it's just the fault of faulty manufacturing."

9. An episode of Oprah may cause one to think a lot more than one would like to admit.

10. The Atlantic Ocean serves no purpose whatsoever.

11. There are some albums which one never ever ever tires of listening to.

12. Not all things benefit from being defined.

13. Missing friends is one of the saddest facts of life. And one of the least solvable.

14. Hearing the song you least expect on the radio will plaster a smile on your face for significantly longer than usual.