Monday, October 26, 2009

Cupcakes and candles

Yes, I'm still alive!
And my apetite for confectionary is still as ample as ever.

I recently joined the ranks of Functioning PR Agency after having left Deteriorating PR Agency, and needless to say, the cake learnings require a re-start, and maybe a revamp. Less listy, more talky. Before we get to the main event, let me share with you Things I've Accomplished (maybe more important than Things I've Learned?) in my interim between Deteriorating and Functioning:

1. Buy a TV. And a DVD player.
2. Locate curtains for entire living room for under 150 AED.
3. Visit IKEA. Twice.
4. Cook. Twice.
5. Get a tan.
6. Convince mother to come visit despite her long-standing claim that "There is nothing in Dubai". And apparently no, I don't count.
7. Master the metro.
8. Hate the metro.
9. Finish reading Julie & Julia (thank you metro).
10. Eat 2 "slices" of cake and a cupcake and a half. Last night.

So it might seem uneventful, but unsurprisingly, temporary unemployment suited me quite nicely. Of course, I also managed to learn a thing or two.

Which brings us to our main entrée:

1. "Lunch" during the week refers to an activity which takes place within a 3 km radius.

2. The finance department does not vary much from agency to agency.

3. Elevator music belongs in an elevator. Not on a train.

4. The daily Starbucks expense is a necessary one.

5. Always expect to bump into the one person whose calls you've been dodging.

6. Being in a Functioning environment for 10 hours a day is far more favourable to being so in a Deteriorating one for 5.

7. I am not a terrible singer.

8. Adding an ingredient to a dish can completely alter the taste of said dish. Namely shitake mushrooms.

9. Birthday "surprises" decrease in value as you increase in age.

10. When one consumes too much alcohol, one will inevitable spend the following day in bed, bath(room) and, at times, beyond.