Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inanimately objective

The Weekend Edition.
(Including an unexcpected re-learning from a lovely friend at an odd hour...)

1. "The most effective way to ignore something is to acknowledge its existence and deny its importance."

2. Rest assured that when you don't show up at work, no-one will call to see where you are. This, you will find, is oddly unnerving.

3. A bottle of wine is only as good as the company you drink it with.

4. Like putting together a puzzle, the best way to blow up 40 balloons is to outsource. And pay the labour in alcohol.

5. Spending an entire Friday at home, although blasphemous, is wonderfully calming.

6. Lunch, like puzzle, is not something you can 'win' or 'lose'.

7. Chilling, akin to puzzle and lunch, is also not something that you can 'win' or 'lose'. (Especially if your competitors are downing cocktails and you are sipping wine. In that case, you win and they lose.)

8. One always feels more special when one is mentioned in cake learnings.

9. Being a "guitar hero" is not the same thing as being a guitar hero. Yes, even if "you rock".

10. Never bet on the number of strawberry cheesecake slices a friend can eat. Chances are, you'll be wrong.

11. "Human-beings are over-rated."

12. When extricating oneself from the driver's seat of one's friend's vehicle, it is always preferable that the gear is not in drive. Otherwise, said car will begin to move forwards. This, apparently, is frowned upon.

13. The combination of good music and great company makes any sort of traffic bearable.

14. Being awake before noon on a Saturday is not so bad. Really.

15. People are unwittingly honest when making-believe.

16. Inanimate objects, like computers and phones, simply don't like me.

17. "When you feel you can't let go, let go."


  1. 1 key learning from same weekend:

    1. When one commits a serious error of judgement in doing something (see no 12 above), this causes others to reexamine their faith in one's abilities to effectively do said thing.

  2. Is it Sas your reffering to in no. 10?
    i heard my mum made a killer cheesecake.... ;D

    I say sneaky 3am yitfalsaf.

  3. Anonymity is key when it comes to key learnings...But you obviously have some insider info ;)

    And yes, 3am yitfalsaf KTEER!!!!