Monday, November 10, 2008

Dating in the Matrix

Mornings have a way of appearing deceptively optimistic...

1. If you come across a seemingly interesting person before a word has been exchanged, more often than not they will cease to be interesting once that first word is shared.

2. "A hat always gets you more attention from a man because it means one more article of clothing for him to remove."

3. Certain culinary concoctions are considerably and completely comforting.

4. Sleeping in for a an extra hour or so can be very disconcerting.

5. The more one is aware of the number of people reading one's words, the more carefully one deliberates, contests and chooses those words.

6. Cleaning out a fridge is utterly therapeutic.

7. You can win at chilling, but certainly not if you're in Sho Chos. Buddha Bar lends itself much more willingly as a venue to the task.

8. If one quits one's job to become a writer, one unwittingly eliminates one's abundant source of writing material. Cake for thought, so to speak.

9. (See diagram below. Self explanatory. And oh, thank you "bright, socially adept consultant".)


  1. Impressive!
    truly and utterly impressive!

  2. That matrix has been tried and tested by yours truly. Yes it is very correct.
    ZONE OF PAIN is the worst. especially if they are into you, but not vice versa. Hmm.