Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surprising states of mind

"She can crawl out a frame while she's hanging on the wall..."

1. Communiation with family members lends itself to oddly bizarre topics of conversation, including but not limited to appropriate naming conventions and leaves.

2. Being 'chill' is far more comfortable than being stressed. Both states of being are simply a state of mind.

3. It is possible to miss people who live in the same country as you.

4. When surprised by a visit from one of the loves of your life, you will find it very difficult to stop smiling.

5. When distant shit hits the fan somewhere near, you might find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to clean it up. You will have no choice.

6. "Don't invite assholes to meetings."

7. If you know that the movie you are going to see is bad, then getting there early is necessary. The trailers are probably the best thing you'll see all night. (If you know that said movie is High School Musical 3, fret over how and why you ended up there and consider efficient and effective methods of removal of oneself.)

8. Wake-up calls are a simple but thoughful way to improve someone else's quality of life.

9. When someone you thought was perhaps interesting and intelligent cites 'The Da Vinci Code' as "the best book ever", quickly and quietly remove yourself from the discussion to avoid additional time wastage.

10. The most common massacre of the English language is the confusion of "your" and "you're". Yes, this stresses me out.

11. Talking to a machine, also known as 'leaving someone voicemail' is more perplexing than it sounds and may cause one to:
a) lose track of time
b) lost track of words escaping one's mouth
c) entertain the person on the receiving end

12. 'Eleventh hour learnings' often trigger the posting of said learnings. And are often the most important of posted learnings.


  1. I am glad I am on the inside of learning #1, as for learning #10, I think this is a Touma thing, because it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Their, they're and there, also drives me crazy. Bad spelling in general does.

    My learning of the day so far:

    Coffee is the true essence of life on a cold Tuesday morning.

  2. I totally agree with sister's Tuesday morning learning.
    It also extends to afternoons, evenings and overnights :)

  3. a, b and c were indeed thoroughly heart warming. That's why one should always consider what kind of MSG awaits the person listening :)