Monday, October 27, 2008

25% success rate

Yesterday's learnings... with a few from this morning.

1. To cut straight to the chase, "if he doesn't propose as soon as he meets you, he's just not that into you" (!) (a more comprehensive list to follow)

2. If you don't say "no", they will assume you meant "yes".

3. Impromptu DVD nights are the best kind.

4. Impromptu chats (initiated by heart-stopping scares) with one's roommate at odd hours feels strangely normal, especially if one is discussing the mundane.

5. PQ make excellent brownies.

6. One must ask for 4 wake-up calls in order to secure one. 25% success rate. Not awful.

7. Soap is not that easy to sell.

8. When the market in which you operate does so in the manner of a third world one, third world ideas are inevitable, if not expected.

9. Cigarettes before noon are an ominous indication of things to come.

10. The correct amount of coffee grounds needed to make an excellent cup of turkish coffee is not the amount I thought it would be. More experimentation required to learn said correct amount.

11. The easiest way to make someone's day is through carefully planted, supposedly unintentional flattery.

12. Bob Dylan improves one's day considerably... as does a concomitantly coincidental phone call.


  1. Other key learnings from said night:

    1. Long, impromptu DVD nights, although great, do nothing for one's health, especially when the following day involves 18 hours of work

    2. Some movies require "mental stimulants" so you can fully appreciate them and understand their meaning!

    3. To defeat your enemy, know your enemy. Case in point: reading a book intended for a competing audience can give tremendous insight into manipulating said audience :)

    5. People are much more appreciative of the act of making coffee/tea, and care much less about the quality of the finished product

  2. Things I learned after one hour of being up:

    1. If you are not a morning person, you should not write in the morning, like sister did, since she forgot how to count

    2. The best way to decide what to wear based on the weather is to go outside, see how cold it is, and wrap up accordingly.

    3. If you want to step on crunchy leaves but you look stupid doing it, you might as well do other stupid things at the same time, to make the stupidness worth it.