Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The power play

This one might be a little more extensive than usual...

1. Getting screwed over twice in the same day, by the same person, is not much fun. Especially if the person in question is not much fun.

2. A great first date does not guarantee a "happily ever after".

3. Never underestimate the strength of a bond between comrades.

4. A series of unfortunate events often prevents two people from forming an otherwise great bond. We cannot control or change this. There will always be an elephant in the room.

5. When someone takes something from you, don't expect it to be handed back to you. Go after it. But only if it's worth getting back.

6. A skim milk vanilla latte with a lovely flaky croissant is the best way to start one's day. No matter how horrible the events which follow are. Holly Golightly had it right.

7. If you feel guilty about something, it doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong.

8. Apologies are seldom sincere. They are more often the antidote to terrible terrible guilt. People sleep better once they have "apologized".

9. Soap is very very hard to sell.

10. Well-written emails are hard to come by. As is an adequate vocabulary.

11. Unexpected compliments from unexpected people are unexpectedly pleasant.

12. A caramel-filled chocolate bar is a temporary fix. A bigger bar may be more effective. The jury is still out.

13. Starting your day incongruously with a ride from a friendly soul must have a hidden meeting and contain a cryptic message. To be uncovered...

14. Always make the power play. Even if the outcome is the same, you land on the opposite end of the mojo spectrum.

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