Sunday, November 2, 2008

Double Entendres

The extensive ultimate collector's weekend edition:

1. A cosmopolitan at 3pm can only lead to an irresponsible shopping spree at Harvey Nichols and Tiffany's. Sans breakfast.

2. Explaining a Halloween costume is not necessary. Nobody listens past the word "slutty".

3. There is such thing as too much lobster.

4. Double entendres are highly entertaining, albeit sometimes elitestly so.

5. Late night chats with wonderful friends are exhaustingly enlightening. Even when disguisingly accompanied by a late night cup of tea or puzzle-making attempt.

6. Everyone has their story. Nobody leaves this world without one.

7. 'Consultants with social skills' is a narrowing pool of rare individuals. They can often be identified as the ones who can dance.

8. People's decisions are theirs to make, whether it be the right decision or wrong decision.

9. Some people, no matter how absent, have a way of being distressingly omnipresent.

10. A charming man with an accent is far more charming than a charming man without one.

11. Tiffany's is the only place to go when you have the mean reds...

12. Puzzles are excitingly intriguing when progress is being made. When faced with a lack of progress, one should politely sip on one's tea and point out certain pieces to the outsourced labour.

13. Sometimes first impressions are just that.

14. Musical exchanges lead to literary exchanges; both of which are dangerously revealing.

15. An owed favour is a highly appreciative currency. Invest.

16. Delivering a false hope is paramount on the list of irresponsible behaviour. Some questions are better left unanswered.

17. When guessing the amount of a bill and your wild "imagine-if" guess wins, it's usually not a good thing.

18. You can't have your cake and eat it too. But it's always okay to have just a slice.

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