Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heroin chic

Addicted yet?

1. 'I told you so', no matter how extremely warranted, is often unnecessary.

2. "Nothing is real until you start making money."

3. Talking about having children renders even some of the most verbose awkwardly speechless.

4. Pasta sauce is yummier when left to simmer. For hours.

5. The easiest way to see the person you live with is to occasionally spend some time in the place you live.

6. It is pretty easy to take something personally when you don't understand the other person's reasons and intentions.

7. Cooking while watching a movie about cooking makes cooking far more exciting and glamorous. Even if it's a movie about a rat.

8. Most intelligent people cannot use apostrophes correctly.

9. It is a rare and enchanting gift when one encounters another soul on the same frequency.

10. Being met with a package is always nice when arriving at a cluttered desk, and somewhat vaguely impressive to your neighbouring collegues.

11. "Life ain't what it seems."

12. You can grill meat on a PlayStation 3.

13. That odd instant when you have just woken up but are still sleeping is the most disorienting of the whole day.

14. 'There she goes', written by and originally performed by The La's (and not Sixpence None The Richer), is really about heroin, and not about a girl.

15. "Ice cream" is always the best answer to "What shoud we have for lunch?" Namely, double dark chocolate with oreos and heath bar. In a waffle cone. No, no sprinkles.

16. 7,634 songs on shuffle results in a troublingly appropriate soundtrack to complete one's day.

17. I have an irrationally compulsive affinity to adverbs.

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