Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Smitten by change

I awoke inspired by the promise of change. So did my cab driver. Unfortunately, I couldn't offer him any. But I did learn quite a bit:

1. Even when we get to do what we want to and what we never imagine we'd be able to, we often don't get to do it in the way we would like to.

2. One's problems can be solved in the space and time of an elevator ride.

3. Waking up to the news of change is a great way to start the day. And eliminates snoozing. As does a missed call from someone miles, miles and MILES away!

4. Small and seemingly insignificant purchases can genuinely make one's day.

5. Nostalgia is a dangerous emotion, and often the cause of most "moments of weakness".

6. General 'missage' of the sister leads to more gifts bought for said sister.

7. Electing someone who is at or nearing life expectancy can't be wise. He's on borrowed time.

8. Making someone wait for a reply is a cruel but effective method of gaining the upper hand.

9. Bed sheets, once laundered, must be ironed.

10. A little consideration can go a long way.

11. Expensive hand soap and lotion renders the act of hand-washing much more enjoyable, yet much more guilt-laden than it should be.

12. Being smitten is a treacherously life-threatening state of being.

13. You are more likely to score a great parking spot if you are a nice person with manners.

14. When planning, delegation is key.

15. "Change" can also exist in the form of a covert haircut...

16. The easiest way to cast your second lead character is to cast the first one twice.

17. Like television, make-up also comes in high-definition.

18. "In a sit-com, you don't need to be funny, you just need to be relatable."

19. When building a wall, carefully consider the longevity of the bricks you use.

20. Sometimes the steak & burger analogy just doesn't cut it. No matter how rare the meat.

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