Friday, March 2, 2007

ingredients and frames

I've been doing a lot of thinking about cake (and baked goods in general) and pondering the phenomenon that I've been taking for granted. By combining a series of ingredients which look nothing like a finished cake, I end up with a just that! It's like magic.

How can a thing be defined as the sum of its parts if when separated they contain no hint of the final product? a slice of cake looks nothing like an egg, cup of flour or spoonful of sugar. And what about environmental factors? The heat from the oven makes the cake rise, giving it that lovely golden glow.

The big picture; more than just a sum of its frames. Each slightly altered from the one before, there is little or no semblance from the final feature length product.

How do we define things? What makes something what it is? And isn't whatever you are considering or looking at itself a part of a greater thing, rendering it in itself a part of a sum of parts?

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