Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parfois décapotable

"I used to roll the dice... feel the fear in my enemy's eyes"

1. You either want someone or you don't. There is no grey area. And if you don't, by definition, you are not allowed to have an opinion on who does. Otherwise, this is referred to as "having your cake and eating it too."

2. Bank people are the worst people to chat to right about midmorning if you need something done.

3. Repeatedly binging on certain fast-food constituents on anything more than a yearly basis is a horrible terrible horrendous terrifying mistake. Instead, one should contend with going to bed slightly intoxicated and with an inkling of hunger.

4. A semi-strict diet to become very hot is a better option than a very strict diet to become semi-hot.

5. "Women are like instruments, if you play them right, they will... hum."

6. Watching a concert from a VIP lounge is infinitely cooler than mixing with the masses.

7. A décapotable is not always as cool and easy breezy as the movies make it look. Especially when mazing through the big construction site that is this city.

8. There is a thin line between endearing and stalkerish.

9. When imparting words of any nature, one must be fully aware of the context in which they are imparted...

10. ...And when exchanging words, one much ensure that all parties speak the same language.

11. There is no such thing as a wasted day. Spending a day wasted, on the other hand, is encouraged.

"One minute I held the key, next the walls were closed on me, and I discovered that my castles stand, upon pillars of salt, pillars of sand..."

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