Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Think like a casino"

100% fat-free with 100% of the taste.
A lighter side of cake...

1. "Don't mornings suck?" is a perfectly legitimate way to wish someone "good morning".

2. "Drama is unnecessary, unless it's in a book or on a screen."

3. There's a lot of deception in the world of make-up, specifically light reflecting pigments found in certain foundations.

4. Time management can only be possible if one actually has time to manage.

5. A 5-minute visit will almost always reveal more than a 5-hour one ever will.

6. The perfect temperature of a room is 23 degrees Celsius. Almost nobody I know agrees with me.

7. Drying one's hair might be the only upper body exercise that one get. If this might be the case, one should always dry one's hair.

8. Playing the game is far more work than it's worth, and more often than not yielding pretty much the same outcome. Just skip to the part where the winners and losers are decided.

9. Language barriers can cause a bland story to be communicated sensationally.

10. Forwardness remains strangely attractive, no matter how otherwise unattractive its conveyor might be.

11. The same set of dice, rolled again, will rarely give you the same result. That is how casinos make money. Think like a casino.

12. Almost-free cookies do not come without a catch.

13. Time zones are nothing but a big scam to keep loved ones disconnected.


  1. i AGREE with you on no. 6
    and just about every other learning you have posted today (tonight).
    Im especially drawn to the title, since i stayed at one last week. (casino that is)

    ALSO, having a CUPCAKE social tomorrow (and yes, 100 FREE cupcakes, with no catch at all)

    Its like you're right here with me, Time zones are a Bitch ( and so is my roommate)

  2. Number 2 is intriguing. I wonder which intriguing person must have provided that nugget of wisdom. All very intriguing.

  3. I can think of a few more upper body excercises I think I'll come down and show you.

    That statement was a combination of 7 and 10

  4. beana reana i know Danielle is in a different time zone but can i claim #13?? LOVE UUUU

  5. I will let you claim it, Anonymous, but with a catch. haha kidding.
    I like this little cupcake. I want a real cupcake. Sister, will you bake for me when you come?

  6. #6 ukh touma...seriously?!?!?! :p
    # 9 is so true
    as for # 13, I would say time zones just merely confuses loved ones in which one is having coffee n gettin ready to leave n the other is going to be. I dont know what that might say about their future...