Sunday, April 26, 2009

Opportunity Costs

A sugar high only lasts so long...

1. On very short trips, there is not time for hangovers.

2. Purchasing gifts are the best way to kill time when waiting for people to arrive. Also, the best way to start a marriage.

3. American cars have deceptively heavy doors.

a) Sleep is optional when in the presence of an activity of higher opportunity cost.
b) "Sleep and fun are inversely proportional."

5. An unexpectedly working credit card leads straight to retail therapy. (Retail rehab may ensue but studies have not shown a clear correlation. More research needs to be done.)

6. One can never truly anticipate the source or duration of the mean reds. A croissant and early morning trip to Tiffany's is usually one's only hope.

7. In certain geographies, Cartier is the only common landmark.

8. When at the beach, being in the sea is far superior to being on the sand.

9. When one does not wear sunblock and spends several hours in the sun, one's shoulders will undoubtedly get very very burnt.

10. One should not consume cranberry juice with their vodka when one chooses to wear a light-coloured dress to a wedding.

11. When in doubt, 2 packs of cigarettes are never enough. Always order more.

12. Weekends pass so quickly and weekdays pass so slowly because the former contain just 2 days, and the latter contain 5.

13. Very large iPod playlists make for a very high chance for blasts-from-the-past. Very memorable dance moves and all.

14. Clever anagrams render a catchy pop song very witty.


  1. When at the beach, depends in which part of the world you are! it's equally superior on sand and in water. :)

  2. 12. Weekends pass so quickly and weekdays pass so slowly because the former contain just 2 days, and the latter contain 5.

    so the solution to this age old problem is more mathmatic than one would've thought.... i say make them 4:3 vs 5:2, that's what work life balance is about!

  3. Or, if you like, 0:7. This, Mr Alameddine, is the precise ratio I am setting my sights on!

  4. When asked for directions in a country that you don't know, just remember the first building on the right after the speed bump.

  5. It's annoying being the person that "ALWAYS" has to choose the category at the end of each round.

  6. Also, it is not necessary to provide a reason as to why you know the answer to an obscure question. It is best to remain mysteriously intelligent and knowledgable at all times.

  7. I totally have to agree with the american cars' doors as well as the cigarettes number ;)

  8. Nadeem, what about the gifts? You must agree with that one too!