Thursday, November 5, 2009

When cake doesn't cut it.

It's been a long week. (Even though technically, it's just as long as all the rest.) I can't remember what I did on Sunday, what I ate on Monday or who I saw on Tuesday. Just like all the rest, the days blend into weeks blend into months... and even thought I'm quite not old enough to say this quite yet, eventually they blend into years.

So what are we looking for? (I constantly find myself as if in a frantic treasure hunt, with no clues but hoping to stumble upon something. Sometimes, it works.) This week, thanks to a certain unique someone, I had my much-awaited epiphany. It's not the cakes that matter, not even the cupcakes! It's simply the Cherry on Top. What makes the day before your wedding less special than the day of your wedding isn't the gorgeous dress or the 3 tiered 'gateux'; it's the littler things, like wearing your big sister's earrings and having Future Husband send you a handwritten note just before you walk down the aisle.

What we're really seeking isn't the cake. The cake is a pre-requisite, nothing can take place without it. What we're all looking for is that cherry on top, even more special and personal than the icing. (Yes there is such a thing as something which is better than cake it seems.)

So along the way and as I (apparently) continue to seek my cherry on top, I happen to be learning a thing or two. Or eleven, actually. Time has taught me that this helps the cake taste better in the meantime.

1. "SMS affairs require less effort & preparation time than real ones." - Source prefers anonymity.

If you feel like it's Thursday, it's probably not.

3. If you feel like you're going to collapse, it's probably Thursday.

4. "
It may be a gorgeous dress, but a girl still needs her brain to work. Go ahead. Eat" - B.K.

5. Sometimes wishing for a song is not enough. Sometimes you just need to buy the CD.

Leaving your gym bag at home on a given day may or may not be a sign that you shouldn't go to the gym on said day. (Yes, obviously not something I learned myself.)

Time machines are an adequate solution to most problems.

8. It is best not to place small animals inside time machines. Unless they are guinea pigs; they're used to it.

No Parking signs are simply a suggestion. (Kindly note that "let them eat cake" will not be held liable for any alleged or actual parking tickets.)

10. A smart friend is a far better source of directions than any map.

It takes a certain type of cherry to sit atop a certain kind of cake. If you're not sure which cherry goes with your cake, it's best to consult an expert.
(Those specialising in cherries are usually best :)


  1. deifnitely feeling the days blend into months. Its time to do something fantastic.

  2. Gunpowder Treason and Plot, 1 dont see no reason why gunpowder plot should be forgot.

    wanna send my prize over to Frisco?
    It might just disappear in the mail right?
    Much Luv

  3. It's on it's way! Invisible tho, can only be seen with the heart :) xoxo Much love

  4. I love point 4! Made me smile, thanks. xxx