Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apples and oranges

Yes, sounds healthy. Until you think of delicious apple pie or creamy orange custard.... Now we're talking!

1. Don't bite into an orange and expect it to taste like an apple.

2. It is hard not to feel cheated when watching a movie about French people who never speak a word of French.

3. It's important to have something to wake up for other than work.

4. It's nice to have options, but you don't have to take them just because you have them.

5. If you consistently worry, it is impossible to be trained not to.

6. Passive Aggressive Social Management is when you decline an invitation by saying that you'll go, and then unceremoniously not going.


  1. I love #6 and confess to having been a passive-aggressive social activist on a few occasions. Does it still count as such if you believe your own delusion when you initially make the RSVP?!