Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Enough Cake

It's been productive, very productive for Cake...

1. "There's no right or wrong, just the consequences of your actions."

2. "Play the player, not the hand."

3. When making a speech, always leave your audience begging for more.

4. When asked by a brother and sister who looks older, always say the former, never the latter. Always.

5. Sometime 'not enough' is better than nothing.

6. A short skirt is the easiest way to stop traffic.

7. "Treat em mean, keep em keen."

8. A mere spark is not enough.

9. Rain may or may not be a good reason to leave a party.

10. It's been said before, but there is no such thing as too much cake.


  1. Rain is a good reason to leave a party when getting wet and cold is better than being around the people at the party.

  2. lol. well said! now i wish i had a huge slice of cake.