Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfectly permanent

The days seem long, but are getting shorter... "All this feels strange and untrue..."

1. If you want something you haven't gotten yet, you obviously don't want it badly enough.

2. Intriguing people is easy... ensuring that the intrigue is sustainable is far more challenging.

3. Being angry gets tiring after a while.

4. There is nothing wrong with going to bed before ten.

5. Putting on a pair of glasses is the easiest way to look smarter. Or goofier. Depending on the glasses. And the person wearing them.

6. If you enter a competition and truly believe that you are going to win, then you will win.

7. Practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes permanent. 

8. A McDonald's happy meal makes an ideal lunch. The company you keep helps too.
9. The Christmas spirit is easily induced through Santa hats and Christmas carols.

10. Sometimes all you need is a piano to distract you.

11. Everything is okay in the end. If you're not okay, it's not the end.

1 comment:

  1. Number 1 is key for shopping. You see something you like, you don't buy it, but wait a few days. If its still on your mind, then you go buy it. If its no longer there, wait a few more days. If its still on your mind, look for it online. If you can't find it. Then it wasn't meant to be.
    Also works with boys. But don't look for boys online.