Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unwrapped to reveal a set of matching anythings

Heavily medicated with a good dose of chocolate...

1. Left undocumented, learnings still retain their intended weight and significance.

2. No man should ever buy a set of matching anythings. Unless they consist of diamonds and are being offered as a gift. To me.

3. At a birthday celebration, the priority is always that the birthday girl has the best day ever. And that a candle appears atop a dessert of some sort.

4. At a Secret Santa exchange, the volunteer Santa's hidden agenda is to trap an unsuspecting female in his lap.

5. One can be vague without being perplexing.

6. It is every girl's secret dream to be married more than once.

7. No man ever wants to be categorized as a medium.

8. One's level of tiredness is directly and reflectively correlated to one's level of happiness.

9. One should not blame one's failings on one's lineage.

10. "Everything you do under the table comes back to bite you from under the chair."

11. Visa and Mastercard can only be so generous.

12. You don't always get what you give, and credit does not always end up where credit is due.

13. Existing on other people's schedules is no way to exist.

14. Choosing songs to be added to someone's iPod is one of the sincerest forms of communication.

15. Comfortable silences are a far better alternative to uncomfortable chatter.

16. Unexpected yes devious discounts result in the expenditure of more funds.

17. Driving in the rain is rendered all the more convoluted when the nice white lines on the highway become muddled and obscure.

18. Wrapping paper is far more telling than one first anticipates.

19. Too much pressure diminishes the pleasure associated with certain life-enhancing activities.

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