Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change is good...

...or so they say.

Regardless, everything is better with Cake. Enjoy a slice or two to help you through the day.

1. An idea for change may sound very simple and quite revolutionary in theory, but in practice, it will often prove far more difficult to derive the desired outcome.

2. Music, like wine, is one of the oldest forms of therapy. Wherever possible, engage in both.

3. If you have nothing to say, there's no need for some comment on the weather.

4. Sadness need not be dramatic, and more often than not, it is far from it.

5. It is difficult to fly when you are attached to something pulling you down to the ground.

6. Not all change takes place in cold turkey fashion, baby steps may be embarked on, but when all is said and done, cold turkey is still the most effective way to force it.

*Image courtesy of AmandaClairClark on Etsy. Song link courtesy of Grooveshark.


  1. great post, thanks

  2. I love number 5!

    So true - and you never really know whats pulling you down utill you end up flying.

  3. Cold Turkey is the way to go...
    At least that's how it works with me...
    And by the way, you're welcome...
    R :)