Monday, February 4, 2008

coffee cups and mysterious men

I've decided to take this blog in a slightly newer direction. A direction which I am hoping will provide me with a little direction of my own, and help me make decisions, evaluate my actions and just overall provide me with some sort of whimiscal structure in life. Since my choice of outfit could be just as influential as my choice of a future job, I will take the equally nondescript path of analyzing my coffee cups to foretell, foreshadow and forewarn my future. Or perhaps merely to entertain. Either way, I hope for it to provide some sort of structure and help me make more "well-thought out" decisions and assist me in justifying the truly very me-like insane ones.

The posts which follow are coffee cup readings as seen by my dear mother who humors me and enlightens me whenever my poor mind is in disarray with "good news" and the occasional mysterious man...

The first dates back to September 2nd 2007. The most recent is just last week--January 26th 2008. I'll update the reading with possible events which could match up as they happen, so check back for possible "explanations" as my life unfolds.

DISCLAIMER: coffee contains caffeine which causes cellulite, high blood pressure, apetite suppression, weight loss and insomnia, often keeping you up all night to wonder the meaning of your life. I will only take responsibility for the last of these side-effects.

Enjoy your coffee :)

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