Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spinning 180º

October 28th, 2007 (3:10pm)
(Disclaimer: slightly on the philosophical side; thank you mother!)
  1. I am sitting at the summit--everything around me appears lower than me. I am standing alone. There are ideas that I want to pursue and fulfill. There is an obstacle--a dark cloud above me which I cannot see. I won't realise this until I am "there". I am perhaps choosing not to get there.
  2. Male presence: On some level, I see "perfection" in him--it is not clear in what sense. Despite this, I cannot get along with him because we are not on the same page; we have very different ways of thinking. This person will remain in my life for some time until another girl "shows up" (not romantically involved) and changes the way I feel towards him.
  3. Ladder: I am climbing and there is no-one else climbing with me. Climbing very slowly. If/when someone decides to start climbing too, I will have to move faster.
  4. There is going to be a 180º change in my life (yes exciting...ish!) after meeting someone who I eventually fall in love with. (Yes, love.) This guy appears virtually from nowhere; we had met before but I did not consider that we may be suited. He pursues me for a short period of time and the feelings develop into mutuality. THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE. I will be "embracing" him (best translation from Arabic that I could muster...) There will be one small incident that will disappoint me slightly but it will not matter because I will change my thoughts because of this person. This person is a "foreigner" in the geographic sense. Socially, we are from different circles and environment but sharing a strong link. The key word is CHANGE.
  5. There is a male whose name starts with the letter B: this person keeps going in and out of my life. He provides me with attention on a constant basis. This is not necesarily a romantic interest. Even though I enjoy the attention somewhat, I am uninterested and it doesn't really affect me.
  6. BEWARE: Female friend--I confide in her regularly. She is, in fact, relaying my mesages to the people which are involved in our discussions. Possibly, but not necessarily, a professional acquaintance.

On the whole, quite interesting. Some things which may be playing out and others which, obscure and vague, mean very little to me as of yet.

As with all things, only time will tell.

(If you posess any information pertaining to the above or any other of my readings, do not hesitate to share...)

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