Tuesday, February 5, 2008


December 9th, 2007

  1. Revolution: I go through excitement about something but now it's gone away--this had worried me earlier, but now it is disappearing. Related to something professional rather than personal.
  2. Very loyal friend: this person sometimes annoys me and gets on my nerves. Now he/she is confused but I will not know how to help or what to do. We will boh avoid the subject.
  3. NEWS: 2 pieces-
    (a) Big & Important: will find out in the upcoming few days. I will be surprised. This news is related directly to me. I will be happy :) (--Note: coincided with my Dec. trip to Ammanland.)
    (b) Small & Sweet: the news will come from afar (geographically). About someone else. Will also make me happy :) [Happiness; always good]
  4. Race: between me and another person who is "stronger" and has a "further reach". Despite being "smaller or weaker", I am catching up to them. The overall tone is good.
  5. Guy (recurring from before?): has strong feelings towards me. Really cares for me. Not sure about my feelings towards him. Relying on time to clear it up and establish my true feelings. Some complications to think about. There is a girl involved who I will discuss this with--she is the only person that I will be truly honest with. She unintentionally reveals my hesitancy to him. He is not perturbed and continues to have strong feelings towards me. The outcome is unclear but there is a sense of attachment already.
  6. I will hear about someone who is seriously sick. They are not getting better. This person is not related (socially or family-wise) to me.

There is a recurring theme of racing, romantic confusion and change. Ah...only time will tell!