Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winds of change

December 25th, 2007 (Christmas day!)

  1. "Someone has their eye on me" (translated from my mom's good-old Arabic expressions!)--this person is very interested in me. It is easy to get over-excited but then might lose interest. Must be careful to take it slow but remain determined. Must find a good balance.
  2. Light: there is a strong sense of light/goodness/well-being coming my way. There may be money involved (always good too!). I am looking at it and staring at it and contemplateing it (it = light) and not sure how to reach it. I will meet someone who will show and advise me.
  3. Professionally: Someone will tell me something that pleases me. Relates to my professional life but not necessarily something related to my current job.
  4. "Proposal." Not THAT kind. I've heard about this opportunity indirectly. Will jumpstart phase of change. Must study the proposal and weight the pros and cons before making decisions.
  5. 2008: will be a year of CHANGE (that word again...)--changes will be taking place in more than one area of my life. (Note: CHANGE not necessarily positive or negative; but certainly different.)
  6. Holding a CARD (metaphorical, not poker!) in my hand: I will use this to bluff and get what I want. Will not have to ever show my "card". (Nice!)

Cryptic. Intriguing. Focus on change. Awaiting it impatiently :)

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