Sunday, November 16, 2008

Appropriate eating venues

The mélange of alarm clocks, coffee, grumpiness and lovely weather is an ambiguous indication of how one's day will develop...

1. "Don't shit where you eat."

2. If you opt to eat outside, be prepared for the possibility that the mosquitoes did too.

3. Pampering oneself, although apparently extravagant, is somewhat of a necessity to re-feel like a human being.

4. The most unlikely contenders may often offer the best compliments.

5. Expect nothing. That way, everything that comes your way is a bonus.

6. One is inevitably grumpy in the morning unless greeted by a kiss, a wondrous cup of coffee and an unusually big stack of pancakes with real maple syrup. And by "one", I mean "me".

7. 'Sight-seeing' can be done from the confines of one's hotel room.

8. Given complicated circumstances, mutual attraction can yield horribly catastrophic and dangerously disastrous outcomes. Keep it in your head.

9. When one is intoxicated, one must not be allowed access to one's phone.

10. Coffee has 3 times the levels of antioxidants as green tea.

11. Chilling is usually accompanied by tea and complimenters. And puzzle sometimes.

12. There is a certain sense of calm that comes with finishing a satisfyingly great book.

13. If you think your job sucks, there is another one out there that is much much worse. (Illustrative example appears below for your reference.)

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