Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Karmic proportions

Bluey purpley moods have a way of pervading the atmosphere and sinking into one's skin...

1. For most, interest in a member of the opposite sex is inversely proportional to the attention received from said member.

2. Separating business and pleasure is a skill which, once mastered, makes life much easier.

3. Spelling mistakes on a government website make one seriously rethink their geographic choices.

4. Being nice and being intelligent are also mutually exclusive.

5. Cards, unlike puzzle, food and chilling, is something that you can win at. For some, it is only ever something you can lose at.

6. WARNING: Objects (of one's affection) are closer than they appear.

7. One must manoeuvre one's political environment very knowledgeably and very carefully.

8. When given the chance, most people are inherently good. The rest, once identified, must be avoided like the plague.

9. Karma, one learns, has an uncanny way of biting one in the ass. Or one hopes so at least.

10. Middle of the night messages which one does not regret the next morning are rare but possible.

11. Sometimes, the only option is damage control.

12. "Don't be a pimp. Or a hoe." (see below, and below the below)

(Find of the day: Someone else's somewhat disturbed but perhaps equally profound learnings which we can all stand to learn a thing or two from maybe...)

1 comment:

  1. Since your learnings are kind of parched today, I decided to add couple more:
    - Having banana cake which is a restaurant's first-time might turn out to be scrumptious and totally different than any banana cake you've ever tasted.
    - Sourcing synonyms from Serene's blog is easier than finding them on Thesaurus. :)