Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Artistically coded

"You've been drifting for a long long time..."

1. When one starts one's day on the wrong side of one's bed, one must do all one can to minimise the length of one's said day.

2. Therapy can be stumbled upon by the most unsuspecting of people in the most unsuspecting of places.

3. Music is often a safe alternative to conversation in the morning.

4. When sending a message, employ as much code as coherently possible; you never know who you might have sent it to by mistake instead.

5. When the stars are aligned correctly, a series of playful cryptic exchanges can result in finding oneself surrounded by more flowers than ever previously fathomed.

6. Art is defined as art when someone believes it to be so.

7. Suggesting a bigger size is never an option.

8. Although often associated, being honest and being blunt are two very very different things.

9. It is best to avoid transparent clothing when shopping for your daily wardrobe.

10. On rare events, certain menu items taste much better than they look. In times of famishment/selfishness, one much keep this information deceptively confidential.

11. Crazy behaviour, it seems, is more acceptable than previously thought.

12. Be careful what you throw at people:

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  1. Comment on number 6:

    For said person who believes it to be art, they must be willing to study the work of 'art' to completion. That means sit through an entire performance or view an entire painting or listen to an entire opera. Calling something art after having viewed 5 minutes of a 40 hour work of 'art' does not warrant one an opinion.