Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Symbolically Rosey

"Just a minute of your time, yes I've been known to delude myself, so let me put those rose-coloured glasses to the test....."

1. The security of stability helps significantly in keeping one sane.

2. Traffic lights and elevators are the unwitting catalysts of most life-changing events.

3. "Yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love."

4. One often represses memories which one prefers not to remember. Especially those involving cones or cupcakes.

5. A car is not smarter than you.

6. Toffee-nut lattes are like summer flings: fun while they last and odd-tasting out of season.

7. A happy mask is rarely a good disguise.

8. Great ideas unshared might as well never have been.

9. Indirect communication may at times be more courageous than the direct kind.

10. You may believe you are speaking cryptically, but you may actually be 'speaking' in the language of someone who is listening.

11. Not knowing where you're going is not so bad if you are going there with someone else:


  1. Things I learned in the first hour of being awake:

    1. Water will boil whether you don't or do watch it. They lied. And my egg was yummy.

    2. People who work hard on things (like daily learnings postings) want the things to be noticed, and read.

    3. One of the best feelings is going to bed when its cold, rainy and gloomy and waking up to beautiful sunshine.

    4. When one is feeling a good feeling, one should call up a loved one :) It makes it even better.

  2. ... is listening.