Sunday, November 23, 2008

Raging Blatant Superheroes

More and more wisdom coming from more and more sources; even the Rolling Stones have a nugget or two to offer...

1. "Perception is more important than what actually is."

2. Question marks, more often than not, are unnecessary.

3. When one plans to go somewhere "out of the way" where they are surrounded by no-one they know, one will undoubtedly bump into everyone they know.

4. If you feel guilty about not having seen someone, chances are they are feeling guilty too. Make the first move.

5. The beach is not so awful after all...

6. ... and a tan can only be achieved in the absence of sunscreen.

7. "When you opt for musical therapy, what you are left with after it's all passed are beautiful songs laced with poignantly negative feelings."

8. Cryptic wall posts render the act of posting on someone's wall much more calculating.

9. Folding laundry while inebriated requires approximately 3.46 times as much time and 4.39 times as much energy as when attempted sober.

10. An empty wine bar leaves plenty of space for 'interesting' conversation.

11. Fireworks are expensive.

12. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

13. The only person to spot your mistake will be the one person who will hold it against you :)

14. The one Friday night you choose not to go out is the same Friday night on which you will be unable to fall asleep anytime before 6:38am.

15. "You shouldn't have to be anything other than totally content without even the teeniest exception. You shouldn't care about any guy who isn't a raging, blatant superhero. That's what we need in life, anything else is simply not worth bothering with. "

16. One must always apologize if one feels that they have behaved badly.
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  1. Would you think point16 is very ME! but there was no alcohol at the time so why would I apologise. lol